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NQi GT/S Smart Electric Motorcycle | 125cc Motorcycle Performance | SPORT, DYNAMIC, E-SAVE Three Riding Modes

The three riding modes of SPORT, DYNAMIC and E-SAVE can be switched at will, bringing you a faster and farther city travel experience.

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NQi GT & GTS, reimagined

The Mavericks NQi GT smart electric motorcycle has 125cc-level motorcycle performance, and the three riding modes of SPORT, DYNAMIC and E-SAVE can be switched at will, bringing you a faster and farther city travel experience.

Model NQi GT Standard Range NQi GT Extended Range GTS Standard Range GTS Extended Range

Power System

Voltage&Capacity 60V 40Ah × 2 60V 50Ah × 2 72V 50Ah × 2 72V 60Ah × 2
Fast Charging
Battery Cell Type 18650 Lithium Ion 18650 Lithium Ion 18650 Lithium Ion 18650 Lithium Ion
Charging Current 4A 4A 4A 4A
Rated Power 3000W 3000W 5000W 5000W
*30 Mins Max Continuous Output 3500W 3800W 5500W 5500W
Controller FOC Vector Control FOC Vector Control FOC Vector Control FOC Vector Control
FOC Max Current 45A 45A 45A 45A

Key Specs

Top Speed 70Km/h (43mi/h) 80Km/h (50mi/h) 90Km/h (56mi/h) 100Km/h (62mi/h)
Range 135Km (84mi.) 150Km (93mi.) 165Km (102mi.) 180Km (112mi.)
App Connected 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Continuous Power* 3500W 3800W 5200W 5500W
Energy Use per Charge 4800Wh 6000Wh 7200 8640Wh
Charge Time 7 Hours 7 Hours 7 Hours 7 Hours
Battery Pack Weight 24.3 Lbs 24.3 Lbs 24.3 Lbs 24.3 Lbs

Brake System

Front Brake 8.7″ 8.7″ 8.7″ 8.7″
Rear Brake 7.1″ 7.1″ 7.1″ 7.1″


Rear Storage Box Available Accessory Available Accessory Available Accessory Available Accessory


Front Tire 90/90-12 90/90-12 90/90-12 90/90-12
Rear Tire 120/70-12 120/70-12 120/70-12 120/70-12

Load Capacity

Seating Capacity 2 2 2 2
Vehicle Weight inc. Battery(ies) 218 Lbs 218 Lbs 218 Lbs 218 Lbs
Load Capacity (inc. Passengers & Cargo) 593 Lbs 593 Lbs 593 Lbs 593 Lbs

Lighting System

LED Headlight
LED Braking Light
LED Tail Light
LCD Dashboard


Length (including front and rear fenders) 1800 mm 1800 mm 1800 mm 1800 mm
Width 740 mm 740 mm 740 mm 740 mm
Height 1130 mm 1130 mm 1130 mm 1130 mm
Wheel Base 50.4″ 50.4″ 50.4″ 50.4″
Seat Height 29.9″ 29.9″ 29.9″ 29.9″
Seat Length 23.6″ 23.6″ 23.6″ 23.6″
Min. Ground Clearance 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm 130 mm



Scooter For Fast Track

It can be flexibly shuttled in the streets and alleys, and can also gallop on the main roads of the city. In SPORT mode, the top speed of NQi GT can reach 70km/h, making your city travel more convenient and efficient.


Between Lightning Flashes, Instant Acceleration

The brand-new motor tailored by BOSCH* in Germany, with a rated power of 3000w, instantly bursts with super power, and the sprinting feeling of taking off on the ground is comparable to that of a 125cc motorcycle.


28% Gradeability / 3,000w Rated Power / 89% Conversion Efficiency


Three Riding Modes

SPORT sports mode faster, one step ahead
DYNAMIC dynamic mode daily travel, it is enough to choose it
E-SAVE energy-saving mode, longer battery life, energy saving and high efficiency

Front and rear hydraulic shock absorption system
professional tuning,
Responsive to every movement of the body

Cruise Control
Easier for long rides

Leading intelligent lithium battery,

Now, you can choose two pieces
We designed a flexible battery solution for the NQi GT, which can be configured with two high-performance lithium battery packs that contain plenty of energy, but are light and easy to improve. The battery pack uses 18650 automotive-grade power lithium cells, which makes the power output stronger and the cruising range longer.


NQi-GT Battery


NQi-GT Battery

Power display, check at any timeNQi-GT Battery

Weight 11kg
3 years warranty, 5 years life
18650 Automotive Grade Power Lithium Battery








Long battery life

In the E-SAVE energy-saving mode, the NQi GT’s battery life can be as far as 180km, satisfying your imagination of urban travel, and you can go wherever you want. If you ride no more than 20km a day, the NQi GT only charges once a week on average.


Classic In Every Detail

Classic in every detail

Color display, add color to riding.

The new smart instrument panel equipped with the NQi GT changes color according to speed and power during riding, and can display the vehicle health score, allowing you to read the vehicle status at the first time.

Sports Mode 
Sports Mode

Low Battery Alert 
Low Battery Alert

Function Introduction
Function Introduction

The meter displays a white backlight in bright light environments and a colored backlight in low light environments. SPORT sport mode can be used when using two batteries with equal power.


Unchanged classic, better strain.


A classic design for urban riding.


Classified Information

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Dimensions 182 × 73 × 120 cm
  • Godiobel

    “Your [NIU] is the vehicle to enlightenment.” - Gary Hopkins, probably

    NQi GT/S Smart Electric Motorcycle | 125cc Motorcycle Performance | SPORT, DYNAMIC, E-SAVE Three Riding Modes
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  • Coolsingel

    I have been driving electric for as long as I know. Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters/mopeds, we got it all stacked up in the garage of my family. It all started with my father, a decade ago. He was the first one in our neighbourhood to put solar panels on the roof. In 2014 an electric motorcycle was bought, and in 2015 the first car (you have to do something with all that free juice…). At the start of this (2019) year I purchased the NIU N-Pro through the presale on Indiegogo. “Isn’t that risky, buying an electric scooter that you’ve never seen before?” I was asked several times. Yes, but it was the best risk I have ever taken. The NIU has become like my baby. It is my first self-purchased vehicle and I didn’t regret it for a second! As an electro-evangelist, I naturally want to push the machine to extremes, to see how far you can go on a (45 km/h) scooter. When I heard about the NIU Crew meeting in Amsterdam, I thought that would be a good opportunity to do a day trip on my beast. According to Google Maps, Antwerp-Amsterdam is a 180 km trip via regional roads. An N-Pro must therefore be able to do this with one charge when halfway. In advance I looked around where to charge approximately: Rotterdam, Coolsingel: about 20 charging stations. This should work fine, I don’t need anything more precise! I am going on a journey and I am taking the following with me: Beautiful leather saddlebags (original Harley-Davidson from the sixties, used by my father back in the day) with a charger in every bag. Different adapters for charging points A rain cover & tent for outside charging & relaxing when rain arrives (this happens sometimes as you might know in BE/NL) Large top case with clothes / camera / shoes / laptop / … all things that must remain dry A rolled-up mat, not to lie on, but as a perfect backrest, super comfortable! Packed and ready, it is about half past seven in the morning when I head North. On to the border! With a scooter that runs at 45 km/h it is sometimes necessary to find out where you can and cannot drive, and it is important to use common sense to know when you need to be more flexible. Fortunately, I already have some experience and I can usually estimate it well. This is not my first rodeo! In July of this year I have been on multi day trip with this scooter from Antwerp to Stuttgart (Germany) and back. Roughly 1,300 kilometers. In comparison, a trip to Amsterdam is not so bad! I visited the Electric Night Ride that electricfelix wrote about. Experience proves that every country is different, and you will have to behave differently on a two-wheeler during the adventure. In Belgium, you hardly ever have to adhere to the rules and you can go ahead as you feel fit. You drive where it feels best, regardless of what the signs say. In Germany it is even easier, you can drive all-over except the “Autobahn” and “Bundesstraße”. It is a bit more complicated in the Netherlands. You do not know in advance where you can drive and where it’s not allowed. There are moped paths alongside many local roads, but not everywhere. Also you are not allowed to ride on all bike paths, but with an electric scooter I have never had problems when I accidentally got on the wrong path. All this is just part of the adventure, you don’t ride a scooter for hundreds of kilometers because you want to be the fastest. No, with the scooter you have got all the time in the world to take in big parts of your surroundings. Cruise control enabled, leaning back against my mat, time to enjoy the ride! Sometimes you come across places that you would otherwise never get to see. Everyone races past at highway speeds, on the scooter you have got more time to appreciate the surroundings. Enjoying the view as well as the sounds around you, since you do not create any noise yourself. Along the polders and across the dikes I end up in Rotterdam. Tip: entering or exiting a large city is best via the cycle paths (put Google navi in bike mode). After all, bigger roads close to the city are mostly not allowing for moped traffic. Once you have entered the city you can switch back to car mode, you are usually not allowed on the bike path within the city limits. With a NIU, Rotterdam is super easy: you can take the bike tunnel to pass the Maas river! “Only allows cyclists and mopeds with electric motor”. Beautiful right? Arriving at the Coolsingel is straight forward, at the Q-Park entry the sign indicates: chargers on the 5th floor. It couldn’t be easier! Move upwards, two wall boxes available. Beautiful! Let’s grab my chargers from the saddlebags, one per battery, connect them, and now we wait (click for video on YT). I got 21% SoC and would like to go towards 85%. With the two chargers I can charge my beast from 20 to 80 percent in two hours. Reasonable amount of time for serious brunch! Two hours later, satisfied with the haute cuisine of the well-known American clown, I return to the charger. A brand new Tesla has arrived to charge up next to me, cozy! While disconnecting and tidying up the chargers, two people approach me to start a conversation. Amazed by the presence of a scooter at the charger. Everyone I come across is positive about the NIU, pleasantly surprised by the large distance it can travel on a charge and often totally in awe thanks to the Belgian number plate.. This is one of the nicest things about scooter trips abroad. Not many people understand that with a scooter one can do long distance trips, especially when it’s an electric model! It’s wonderful to notice the change in mindset during such a conversation. Enough talking, I still have a long journey ahead of me. Finishing up and assembling everything on my scooter currently takes at least five minutes. I am constantly looking for improvements in that area, the ideal structure has not yet been found. Anyway, now everything is packed up, time to go! Easier said than done … Parking garages are usually not intended for two-wheelers, and I have not paid (I could nicely pass the barrier on the way in). The narrow escape The barrier on the way out is much longer … oops … I cannot pass on the side this time. Getting off quickly, tilt the scooter, and carefully push the barrier up a bit. A fight against the clock because I can see the guard shaking his head coming towards me. The NIU is quite low and with the guard still a few meters away I can open the throttle just in time. Out of here! The second part of the journey is so beautiful! By the time I’m out of Rotterdam (almost turned onto the highway, had to find the correct parallel road, oops!) I am allowed to drive straight through the fields at Hazerswoude on a very pretty stretch of cycle path. The birds are sitting down quietly in the fields, staring at me with some astonishment, as if they want to say: “Normally this is such a noisy thing, but this … is it still a danger for us?” Through Langeraar and Vrouwenentroost (So. Much. Wind.) To finally enter the city through the Amsterdamse bos. Google Maps leads me directly to the NIU flagship store, where I am welcomed with open arms and disbelief in their eyes at the same time. Left Antwerp at 7:30 AM, arrived at 3:15 PM in downtown Amsterdam. And what did it cost? 72 euro cents worth of electricity. I dare you to travel cheaper! The end.

    NQi GT/S Smart Electric Motorcycle | 125cc Motorcycle Performance | SPORT, DYNAMIC, E-SAVE Three Riding Modes
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  • Saúl

    “I use my NIU every day for working, shopping… it is much more convenient than a car! I can’t imagine how long people spend in their cars to go and come back from work every day. The dual carriageways are always busy, Paris is full of traffic jams and the metro is overcrowded. I’m glad I don’t experience these problems anymore! Before, it took me 30 minutes to go to work by metro. My daily commutes were tiresome and stressful. With NIU, I reach the same destination in just 15 minutes, I even have enough time to drive around at night after work. I enjoy the freedom the scooter gives me. Over a year, I have already driven 10 000 kilometers and still counting. Taking public transportation is neither convenient nor safe. There are many thefts in the metro so I was always anxious when I brought my camera. And with the current Coronavirus situation, I am glad I have my scooter. I definitely feel safer. Having a NIU is also super useful for my job. If a see a nice spot, I just park close by, whip out my camera and snap the shot. I save so much time! Sometimes I don’t even get off the scooter; I just stop, take my camera out and take my pictures. I did it a few weeks ago to get some nice pictures of the Eiffel Tower. SAÚL IN PARIS WITH HIS NIU The good news is that there are more and more parking spots for two-wheelers in Paris, especially around Les Champs Elysées. While car parking is expensive, scooter parking is free, and I never struggle to find a parking spot. We can even park close to the Arc de Triomphe. My favorite place in Paris is the Montmartre district. It is like a little city inside Paris that looks like it remains frozen in the 20s. There are many restaurants, bars, and the Basilic du Sacrécoeur. I used to recharge my NIU every two days at home, but there are also some spots around town where I can recharge, such as the commercial center Velizy 2. I hope in the future Paris will implement more charging areas for electric scooters, they seem willing to do so.”

    NQi GT/S Smart Electric Motorcycle | 125cc Motorcycle Performance | SPORT, DYNAMIC, E-SAVE Three Riding Modes
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  • Fredrik

    “The scooter is in my band’s official tour image! It was even used as a tour vehicle for my band when we did a series of performances,” recalls Fredrik. One weekend, Fredrik planned a relaxing vacation with his partner, and everything was off to a perfect start. “We rode the NIU scooter to the hotel, parked it outside, locked the steering, and set the alarm.” Anti-theft system Fredrik with his NIU N-series scooter FREDRIK WAS SEPARATED FROM HIS BELOVED NIU SCOOTER Fredrik enjoyed some quality time with his partner, but later received some warning signs that someone was planning a mischievous act. The anti-theft movement alarm on his electric scooter triggered messages from the NIU app that his scooter was receiving some unexpected attention. “After a nice dinner and evening we fell asleep and woke up to the NIU app warning about unauthorized movements. Got up, looked out the window and the electric scooter was still on the street, and all seemed normal.” Fredrik fell back asleep, assuming that his scooter was safe and there was nothing to worry about. However, the next day, he woke up to a shocking surprise. “The next morning we checked out of the hotel to find that the scooter was gone!” Scooter manhunt Police arrive at the scene of the scooter theft POLICE ARRIVE AT THE SCENE TO QUESTION THE SUSPECT Fredrik certainly did not expect his electric scooter to be stolen, but he did not need to panic. He knew his NIU scooter offered GPS location services, and he could easily pinpoint its location on a map. “I opened the app and could see exactly where my NIU scooter was and where it had been since it left the hotel. As we approached the scooter’s location we could see that it was now on the move! We called the police with the latest development and they were now on their way as they could make an arrest.” Shortly after, the police arrived at the location of Fredrik’s scooter, where they arrested and questioned the two men who had stolen the vehicle. The GPS location function in the NIU app had reunited Fredrik with his electric scooter! Hooray! How to keep your scooter safe If you are already a NIU scooter owner, here are a few quick tips to keep your electric scooter safe. The NIU app's anti-theft features In order to protect yourself, pay attention to these anti-theft settings in the NIU app: Customize your phone alert settings (vibration, leaning, movement, location threshold) Adjust your movement alarm sensitivity by pressing and holding the red key fob button Set the location threshold alarm sensitivity Your phone will receive a notification when the electric scooter sensors are disturbed, based on these settings. You can always check on the GPS location of your NIU scooter, if you are concerned. In particular, one feature that Fredrik may have found useful in his situation is the location threshold alarm. This feature notifies the NIU scooter owner when it moves outside of a set perimeter after parking. You can even set the sensitivity of the threshold to high (100m), normal (1km), or low (1.5km). When the scooter leaves the designated area after it has been parked, you will be notified. Summary If you know what to look for in an electric scooter, then you know that anti-theft features are critical. It is important to know how an anti-theft system works, whether you are already an owner or just doing research. Fredrik’s story is just another example of how stolen vehicles are recovered, thanks to anti-theft systems from companies like NIU. We are glad to hear that he was reunited with this scooter, and we hope these anti-theft features help many more like Fredrik in the future.

    NQi GT/S Smart Electric Motorcycle | 125cc Motorcycle Performance | SPORT, DYNAMIC, E-SAVE Three Riding Modes
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  • Jean-Baptiste

    Many of us have a “sweet tooth” for some kind of dessert, whether it’s cake, chocolate, ice cream, or some other delicious confection. But one man is taking his sweet tooth passion to the next level. That man is Jean-Baptiste Martinon, a 25-year-old from Paris who is in search of the best French desserts that the North has to offer. Starting on March 5, Jean-Baptiste will set off on his NIU scooter around Northern France to visit nine different locations, sampling unique desserts at each spot: Jean-Baptiste’s travels will take him to nine locations across northern France where he will sample ten desserts JEAN-BAPTISTE’S TRAVELS WILL TAKE HIM TO NINE LOCATIONS ACROSS NORTHERN FRANCE WHERE HE WILL SAMPLE TEN DESSERTS However, Jean-Baptiste is not only interested in delicious food. He also plans to sample the culture in each location, meeting with local artisans to learn about their lives and experiences. During a time when it’s so difficult to connect with others, Jean-Baptiste understands that it’s more important than ever to make the effort. We recently met with him to discuss his trip in greater detail: Hello, Jean-Baptiste! Please introduce yourself to our readers. Jean-Baptiste, a 25-year-old Parisian in search of the best French desserts JEAN-BAPTISTE, A 25-YEAR-OLD PARISIAN IN SEARCH OF THE BEST FRENCH DESSERTS I love to travel all around the country to discover new places and to promote French culture. For the past two years, I have combined adventure and gastronomy to make short films. What inspired you to take this trip? Many followers told me I should visit the North of France, so I contacted the local craftsmen to promote their work. Plus, I love to travel on my electric scooter because of the silence, which allows me to enjoy my surroundings. Why did you choose French desserts for your trip? Any reason you chose these specific desserts? It all started two years ago when I decided to deliver pastries while running in the streets of Paris. I realized that a dessert is not only a great present to give, but they are also a luxury that most people can afford, as they only cost a few Euros. After I decided to take this trip, I did some research to find the most renowned French desserts and skilled craftsmen in the region. Les Douceurs du Nord Summary Tell us more about the “Les Douceurs du Nord” (Sweets of the North) trip you planned. Les Douceurs du Nord is a 750 km (466 miles) trip on a NIU electric scooter around the North of France. There, I will discover a variety of sweet French specialties, and share time (and dessert) with local residents. Across the five departments of the Hauts de France region, I’ll meet with craftsmen, talk with shop owners, and capture their delicious confections on film. We also hope to display and promote the beautiful French countryside with great travel videos. Why did you decide to take this trip now? Jean-Baptiste combines adventure and gastronomy in his travels JEAN-BAPTISTE COMBINES ADVENTURE AND GASTRONOMY IN HIS TRAVELS We are living in a really strange period and I want people to follow an adventure that makes them smile. I also want to promote a new way of traveling: local mobility. It is really important for me to demonstrate that anyone can enjoy a short trip to places in your area that you may know about, but never took the chance to visit. Which desserts or locations are you most excited for? I am really excited about all the desserts, but especially the Tarte au Libouli. It’s a cake with boiled milk inside the Pas de Calais. It seems very curious. I also love the Gaufre Lilloise and am excited to have it again. There is another interesting speciality I am looking forward to, called Le Maroilles, which is a really strong cheese. What challenges might you face during your trip? The schedule is very tight so we (my cameraman, Matthias, and I) need to be as efficient as possible. And of course, we need to take every necessary precaution with COVID. We will bring a tent with us, in case any of our local hosts prefer that we sleep outside. Besides touring the country and eating delicious sweets, how do you like to #MakeLifeElectric? Jean-Baptiste’s travels have taken him all around France JEAN-BAPTISTE’S TRAVELS HAVE TAKEN HIM ALL AROUND FRANCE Since living in Paris, I love to use my electric scooter to move around. It is really convenient. For me, to #MakeLifeElectric is to find new, exciting challenges every day and to change the way we think about mobility. Thanks for chatting with us, Jean-Baptiste! Jean-Baptiste has had a variety of experiences with French gastronomy, previously working for a group of restaurants in Paris before launching Baba au Run, the first (and only) pastry delivery service in Paris that uses runners.

    NQi GT/S Smart Electric Motorcycle | 125cc Motorcycle Performance | SPORT, DYNAMIC, E-SAVE Three Riding Modes
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  • Da Costa

    “I consider myself really lucky to have driven almost every racing car in the world in my career. I enjoy every day at work and for me I do it for the love of it more than anything,” said Antonio in a recent interview. Antonio Felix da Costa celebrates victory in a fountain of champagne ANTONIO FELIX DA COSTA CELEBRATES VICTORY IN A FOUNTAIN OF CHAMPAGNE Becoming a champion Although he has an extensive journey in racing, Antonio has particularly shined during his time with Formula E. But the road was not always so smooth for him: “I had to sacrifice a lot in some areas to get to a position of being in a top team. Sometimes it was not easy to be fighting for the last positions of the grid but I knew that if I did a good job, my opportunity would come.” For Antonio, that moment has arrived! In the most recent 2020 season, da Costa was crowned the Formula E World Champion, but his hunger to continue winning keeps him at the top of his sport. When asked about his thoughts on the 2021 season, he remains humble yet eager for victory: “I want to defend my title and fight for another one. I am sure it won’t be easy as the competition is always very strong but we will work hard to get it. To my fans I can promise full dedication and commitment to fight for the world title and I hope I can count with their constant support to fight for it.” In the opening races of the 2021 Formula E season, Antonio has already reached the podium and finished with 15 points in a great showing. Antonio Felix da Costa celebrates his Formula E championship victory ANTONIO FELIX DA COSTA CELEBRATES HIS VICTORY IN THE 2020 FORMULA E WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP What is Formula E? Although Antonio may be a racing prodigy, the question remains: why did he choose Formula E in the end? If you’re unfamiliar with Formula E, all Formula E cars are electric powered. How fast are Formula E cars? They often race at speeds over 200km/h (125 mph). Beyond that, part of the vision for Formula E has been to bring electric mobility into the spotlight, and few drivers have helped to pioneer electric motorsports like da Costa. Having been with Formula E since day one, he says there are a few points that set it apart: “The fact that we are racing in the heart of the most iconic cities of the world is amazing. Also the fact that we race with 0 pollution is definitely something special; to know that we are part of this new era and we are generating a better world for the future generations.” Another pivotal initiative with Formula E is their overall commitment to sustainability. In September 2020, the racing organization announced their commitment to net zero carbon for the sport. Antonio Felix da Costa celebrates on top of his racecar ANTONIO FELIX DA COSTA CELEBRATES ON TOP OF HIS FORMULA E RACECAR From four wheels to two Da Costa is not only passionate about electric mobility on four wheels, but recently showed his love for two wheel EVs by becoming an ambassador for NIU, a global urban mobility leader. Antonio says he is excited about the partnership with NIU because they both “share exactly the same ideas and mentality”. As pioneers in the EV world, and champions of electric mobility, the pair seem like a perfect partnership: “Being a NIU owner now and driving a smart electric scooter is the best way to kick off this 2021 year. I can now drive to the beach and around Cascais on my NIU scooter. The best of it is that I am doing something that I love in my city and at the same time doing my part to turn the world into a better place.” It’s clear that Antonio lives to #MakeLifeElectric every day, just like other athletes that NIU has collaborated with. Antonio Felix da Costa stands proudly next to his NIU scooter DA COSTA AND NIU: A PERFECT MATCH Ready, set, relax Although racing may be his life, it’s important for Antonio to take a break from time to time. Despite being a Formula E champion, he remains very grounded in his personal life. Off the track, he cherishes time with family, friends, and leisure activities like surfing: “Surfing in my home city of Cascais, Portugal, is very important for my emotional balance and to recharge energy for the races. Apart from this, I am just a normal guy that loves having some good fun with my friends and I really appreciate what life brings me.” Although it may be very similar to his day job, da Costa has also enjoys offroad motorsports on occasion. When asked if he brings his racing zeal with him while driving in other situations, he said: “When I first got my driving license, I was quite competitive on the road but I realized that’s not the way to go and after a few months. I am really just a normal driver on the road trying to respect people and always put safety as my number 1 rule.” Perhaps most importantly, through the rollercoaster of his career, he has always kept his head up and stayed positive. This has made him a role model and idol to fans around the world. To learn more about Antonio, you can check out his current Formula E standings, or follow him on Instagram to get more insight about his life. We wish Antonio all the best, and look forward to his continued success in racing!

    NQi GT/S Smart Electric Motorcycle | 125cc Motorcycle Performance | SPORT, DYNAMIC, E-SAVE Three Riding Modes
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