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MQi2S Citi Scooter | NIU Electric Scooter | 48V, 20Ah, 400W, Battery Life Reaches 70 Km, Speed Reaches 25 Km/h

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18650 automotive-grade power lithium battery, the size is 1740 mm*685 mm*1090 mm. The voltage is 48 V, the capacitance is 20 Ah, and the power is 400 W; the battery life reaches 70 Km, and the speed reaches 25 Km/h. With intelligent lighting, such as: daytime running lights, high and low beams, headlights, overtaking lights, double flashing lights, etc.

Start With The “Core”
Newly Upgraded Ruizhi™ Technology
Wisdom Drive

The innovative upgrade of MQi2s Citi makes two-wheeled riding more technological because of Ruizhi™. The powerful data computing and processing capabilities of Mavericks have been improved, and it is perfectly integrated with the intelligent interconnected App, which makes riding safer and more comfortable, and makes the riding experience of intelligent technology easier and more intimate.





Start and stop in one step, OK Go!

Your phone can also be used as a car key.

Turning the pockets, finding the keys, unlocking, and starting the vehicle in this way is traditional and cumbersome. Once the key is forgotten, all steps are repeated. And now it only takes one step to start, get on the bike and go! By binding the mobile phone smart App to the vehicle, you can say goodbye to the mechanical key, unlock the vehicle, and self-lock when you leave the car. When your mobile phone wakes up your car, a more future and more convenient journey begins.

MQi2S Near field induction key Smart Key

As long as a smartphone is paired with Bluetooth or a remote control, the vehicle can be automatically identified and turned on when approaching the vehicle, and the mobile phone turns into your induction key. Bye-bye, traditional mechanical key.

MQi2S Electronic Faucet Lock

When approaching the vehicle with the induction key, the electronic faucet lock can automatically unlock the vehicle, no manual key operation is required, and unlocking the vehicle is extremely simple. Of course, locking the car is just as easy.

MQi2S Temple Induction

The temples have highly sensitive sensing elements, and the central control chip can intelligently judge your riding status. If you fold the temples, the vehicle automatically enters the ready-to-ride state, and if you drop the temples, the throttle will not be activated.

MQi2S Cushion induction

Even the seat cushion has become smarter. Equipped with a sensitive sensor cushion, when you sit down, the central controller can intelligently judge whether you are ready to ride, unscrew the accelerator, and start immediately.

Vehicle intelligent security
Put the car in your pocket.

Vehicle intelligent security Put the car in your pocket.

Vehicle intelligent security

Precise positioning and real-time tracking have clues.

Whether the vehicle is parked on the side of the road or thousands of miles away from you, the app can accurately locate the vehicle, track it in real time, and understand the vehicle’s location and movement trajectory. The vehicle is a little turbulent, and the information is sent to you as soon as possible. Even if the car is lost, I am not afraid, the police uncle followed the location of the vehicle and went to find it. With this APP car watch artifact, thieves are also afraid of stealing your car.

MQi2S Smart App Monitors Vehicle Location 24/7

No matter where you are, your Maverick Electric APP is your personal butler, and you can know the real-time status of the vehicle by looking at your mobile phone. Don’t miss any information.

MQi2S More Precise Positioning

With the leading three-mode positioning chip in the automotive industry, through the cooperation of GPS and auxiliary base station positioning, it can achieve accurate positioning within 5M, and even in the underground garage, you can easily find your car.

MQi2S Remote One Key Lock

Using the Mavericks Electric APP, you can remotely lock the vehicle and make it impossible to ride, leaving the thief with nothing to do.

MQi2S Theft Blacklist

Users can report the stolen vehicle or battery through the Maverick Electric APP to be blacklisted, so that the stolen vehicle or battery is difficult to sell. Fundamentally put an end to theft.

Suspicious change alarm, “nanny-level” care.

There is no need to worry about roadside, parking lot, no matter where it is, even if it is out of sight. Equipped with an intelligent central controller and sensory nerves located in 13 locations throughout the body, you can instantly know anything about the situation by looking at your phone.

MQi2S Accurate Judgment Of Abnormal Alarm

After leaving the car, people can also monitor the vehicle’s abnormal movement status in real time through the smart mobile app. The newly upgraded intelligent central controller chip can also effectively filter useless information through big data and reduce false positives.

MQi2S Customize The Sensitivity Of Change Alerts

If you feel that the reminder is too frequent, or you don’t want to miss any weak movement, the humanized allows you to define the sensitivity of the reminder according to your own needs.

MQi2S Vehicle Tipping Alarm

The newly optimized sensors all over the body can effectively determine whether the vehicle has been touched by others or has been dumped. It will tell you at the first time that the protection of the car is meticulous.

Battery independent anti-theft.

The battery is passively anti-theft, each battery is equipped with an independent identification chip. Once the battery is stolen, the battery can be reported in the smart app, and the system will mark the battery as a stolen battery. When the battery is used again, the user can receive the stolen battery. location notification. Through passive anti-theft, the anti-theft of the battery is maximized.

MQi2S Battery Theft Report

Once the battery is stolen, the user can report the battery theft in the smart app, and the system will mark the theft. When it is reported that the battery is used again, a positioning notification can be obtained.


Navigation Projection

The stunning sense of technology shines.

Navigation projection

The original large-frame intelligent LED phantom color instrument screen and key navigation information projection screen not only let you focus more on the fun of riding, but also have a hard-to-return technology experience.

Vehicle Health Manager / Vehicle Health / Always know.

The intelligent central control chip monitors and analyzes the vehicle health status 200 times per minute. You can also pay attention from time to time through the mobile APP, easily understand all kinds of health data, always have “numbers” in mind, safety is in place, and the sense of security is overwhelming.

MQi2S Battery Safety Monitoring

20 BMS intelligent battery management diagnosis, intelligent analysis and judgment of battery status, to ensure battery health.


MQi2S Smart Checkup 2.0

Actively issue commands through the mobile phone APP, conduct health inspections on vehicles, and promptly notify when problems are found, so as to ensure the safety of the car.

Easy Family Sharing / Riding Fun

The vehicle can be started and stopped remotely through the Maverick Electric APP. It can also grant permission control remotely, and family members and friends can ride a car.


The Newer You Ride / The Smarter You Ride

If you want to try new functions for the first time, no manual operation is required, OTA 2.0 will automatically download and upgrade the vehicle firmware, and new functions are always available.




Create a distinct personality and shine every moment.

The joy of riding with intelligence isn’t just about making it smarter, it’s also more pleasing to the eye.

Color Screen Instrument Rejuvenation

Build Your Dashboard, Ride Out Your Personality


Custom Boot Mode

Classic Mode or Smart Mode


Query The Riding Track

Record Every Wonderful Ride

Immediately experience cycling social, stylish and stylish cycling life, and feel the power of intelligence.

Immediately experience cycling social, stylish and stylish cycling life, and feel the power of intelligence.

New Upgrade 7th Generation Ruidian™ / AI Powered Lithium Battery System Technology

<8 kg Weight

20 Smart Battery Protections

65 Km Range*

New upgrade 7th generation Ruidian™ / AI powered lithium battery system technology

♦ Every line of the one-piece body design has been “hardened”. The M series, which has won 7 global design awards, welcomes a new member. One-piece body, repeatedly polished, remove the cumbersome, give the ride brand new look.

♦ The classic “Angel Eye” headlights have a beam of light, creating a sense of luxury. Automotive-grade thick-wall light guide technology, the light intensity can reach 38000 CD, and the irradiation range is wider. Use technology to light up your aura.

♦ The smart and colorful large-screen instrument panel is particularly conspicuous no matter day or night. The RGB LED smart colorful screen is particularly eye-catching when you turn it on for the first time. Not only that, the increased brightness display allows you to easily see key information at a glance when riding outdoors during the day.

All road conditions, the mid-mounted shock absorber is flexible and fun to drive, and it is born for urban roads.


Get started with the user-friendly button layout.

Get started with the user-friendly button layout.

Ergonomic Design

Men and women, young and old, tall, short, fat and thin, all sit comfortably.


For the sake of safety, always keep it in mind!

For the sake of safety, always keep it in mind!

For the sake of safety, always keep it in mind!

For the sake of safety, always keep it in mind!

Run far, brake steady.

Run far, brake steady.

More Expansion Options




Classified Information

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Dimensions 175 × 69 × 110 cm

70 Km

Top Speed

25 Km/h


48 V


20 Ah

Rated Power

400 W


NIU Motor

Battery Cell Type

18650 Lithium Ion

Charge Time

6.5 H

LED Headlight

LED Braking Light

LED Tail Light

LCD Dashboard

Smart Alarm



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