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GOVA G6 Electric Moped Scooter | Adult Electric Motorcycle | 72V, 160Ah, 5000W, Range Reaches 300 Km (186 mi.), Speed Reaches 100 Km/h (62 mph)

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GOVA G6 Electric Moped Scooter, Adult Electric Motorcycle, Moped Scooter for Adults

GOVA G6 Electric Moped Scooter

Electric mopeds for adults, electric motorcycle bike. Four configurations are: G6 Lite (nanographene battery, 72V, 23Ah); G6 Citi (lithium battery, 72V, 60Ah); G6 Sport (lithium battery, 72V, 100Ah); G6 Pro (lithium battery, 72V 160Ah).

G6 Lite (nanographene battery, 72V, 23Ah): 72V, 23Ah, 1200W, Range Reaches 90 Km (56 mi.), Speed Reaches 45 Km/h (28 mph)

G6 Citi (lithium battery, 72V, 60Ah): 72V, 60Ah, 1200W, Range Reaches 200 Km (125 mi.), Speed Reaches 80 Km/h (50 mph)

G6 Sport (lithium battery, 72V, 100Ah): 72V, 100Ah, 3000W, Range Reaches 250 Km (155 mi.), Speed Reaches 100 Km/h (62 mph)

G6 Pro (lithium battery, 72V 160Ah): 72V, 160Ah, 5000W, Range Reaches 300 Km (186 mi.), Speed Reaches 100 Km/h (62 mph)

Range Reaches 300 Km (186 mi.)*

With the kinetic energy recovery system, the battery can be replenished at any time to maximize the battery life.
Pick up children from get off work, go shopping, buy groceries, meet friends, and meet the travel needs of the week.

Range Reaches 300 Km (186 mi.)

Large Storage Space

Extra large foot space, 350mm, 25% more space*
Large seat bucket space, 30L, can easily accommodate 3/4 helmet + 1/2 helmet.

GOVA G6 Electric Moped Scooter

Bluetooth Smart Unlock

Bluetooth Smart Unlock

Super Strong Carbon Structural Steel Frame

Super-strong carbon structural steel frame, easy to handle people and loads.

Super strong carbon structural steel frame

All-Round Riding Safety

The front disc and the rear drum brake, you can stop and stop stably.
Three-lens headlights + high-brightness brake taillights improve nighttime driving safety.

All-Round Riding Safety

More Intimate Functional Design

One-click to turn on the power-assisted push mode, 5km/h power-assisted push, making the steep slopes feel like walking on the ground.

More Intimate Functional Design

More Intimate Functional Design


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