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GOVA G3 600 Electric Scooter | 60V, 20Ah, 600W, Battery Life Reaches 55Km, Speed Reaches 40 Km/h

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GOVA G3 600

GOVA G3 Electric Scooter

With the “Sky Eye” system, from now on “intelligent + anti-theft”.

The optional “Sky Eye” system is derived from NIU’s intelligent two-wheel travel technology. Through high-compatibility hardware implantation, GPS positioning, power query, historical track and other information are synchronously displayed on the mobile app, and accurate reminders are sent through the mobile phone when the vehicle changes. It also supports OTA upgrade, allowing more users who choose electric two-wheel travel to experience the convenience brought by intelligence.

2000W motor peak power, conversion rate of 0.86, torque of 25N m, surging performance release. The ECO energy-saving state is activated in any driving mode, and the EBS power recovery system is added to achieve longer battery life. The battery life is as high as 70km, and the mileage is no anxiety. 20 battery protections to keep the battery lasting and efficient.

  • ♦ The top speed is 60km/h, giving you the speed that a motorcycle should have.
  • ♦ Golden triangle body design, scientific distribution of the center of gravity, more stable driving and more flexible steering.
  • ♦ The driving mode can be switched freely, the energy-saving T-tour mode, and the S-sport power mode can be activated to upgrade the driving pleasure.
  • ♦ LCD dashboard, key information at a glance.
  • ♦ Loaded hydraulic damping front shock, spring-air damping rear shock.
  • ♦ Cruise control is standard.
  • ♦ Comfortable large cushion.


Top Speed G3 Sport 600 G3 Pro 800
Color G1 Metro 40 Stay Tuned

Main Parameters

Cruising 55 km
Battery Type lithium battery
Motor Kim Woo Sung
Top Speed 40 km/h
Maximum Load 75 kg
APP Optional

Power System

Voltage 60 v
Capacity 20 Ah
Maximum Power 600 W
Battery Weight 12 kg
Battery Cell Type 18650 Lithium Ion
Charging Time 6 Hours
Charging Method body charging
BMS System With communication protection board

Smart System

Smart Faucet Lock
Change Alarm
Temple Switch
Central Control Version
Central Control Air Upgrade
Battery Mobile Alarm
Turn Signal Auto Return
Automatic Headlights

Lighting System

LCD Daytime Running Lights
LCD Front Turn Signal
LCD Rear Turn Signal
LCD Composite Tail Light
LCD Brake Light
LCD License Plate Light


Length 1735 mm
Width 700 mm
Height 1045 mm
Wheel Base 1245 mm

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Dimensions 174 × 70 × 105 cm


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