GOVA G0 60 Scooter | Mini Electric Bike | 48V, 16Ah, 400W, Battery Life Reaches 60 Km, With Pedals

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GOVA G0 60

18650 automotive-grade power lithium battery, size 1570 mm*675 mm*1013 mm, voltage 48 V, capacity 16 Ah, motor power 400 W, battery life 60 Km. Lights include headlights, headlights, taillights, no high beams and turn signals. Front drum brake, rear drum brake.

With pedals, you can ride manually!

GOVA G0 Power Ebike

The body of GOVA G0 60 is made of PP material, which is green and environmentally friendly without painting. Sun exposure, scratches will not change color.


Top Speed G0 Citi 40 G0 Sport 60
Color GOVA G0 Power Ebike GOVA G0 Power Ebike

Main Parameters

Cruising 40 km 60 km
Battery Type lithium battery lithium battery
Motor Kim Soon/Kim Woo Sung Kim Soon/Kim Woo Sung
Top Speed 25 km/h 25 km/h
Maximum Load 75 kg 75 kg
APP Optional Optional

Power System

Voltage 48v 48v
Capacity 12Ah 16Ah
Battery Weight 5.3 kg 6.5 kg
Battery Cell Type 18650 Lithium Ion 18650 Lithium Ion
Charging Time 7 Hours 7 Hours
Charging Method Battery single charge/body charging Battery single charge/body charging
BMS System With communication protection board With communication protection board

Smart System

Smart Faucet Lock ×
Change Alarm × ×
Temple Switch × ×
Central Control Version × ×
Central Control Air Upgrade × ×
Battery Mobile Alarm × ×
Turn Signal Auto Return × ×
Automatic Headlights × ×
Speed Beep
Cruise Control

Lighting System

LCD Daytime Running Lights
LCD Front Turn Signal × ×
LCD Rear Turn Signal × ×
LCD Composite Tail Light × ×
LCD Brake Light
LCD License Plate Light
LCD Keyhole Halo Light × ×


Long 1570 mm 1570 mm
Width 675 mm 675 mm
Height 1013 mm 1013 mm
Wheel Base 1118 mm 1118 mm

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Dimensions 158 × 68 × 102 cm


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