The 20 inch Fat Tire Ebike is now in stock in the US warehouse, and you can receive it within 3~5 days of purchase. Available to US buyers only!


Electric Bike S8 1000W Adult Electric Bicycle 48V 15Ah Removable Battery, 20 inch Fat Tire Ebike

The 20 inch Fat Tire Ebike is now in stock in the US warehouse, and you can receive it within 3~5 days of purchase. Available to US buyers only! Battery warranty for 2 years!

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Electric Bike S8 1000W Adult Electric Bicycle 48V 15Ah Removable Battery, 20 inch Fat Tire Ebike, 31 MPH Snow Beach Mountain E-Bike , 63 Miles Pedal Assist Electric Bike, Shimano 7-Speed, Smart Digital Screen

About Electric Bike S8 1000W Adult Electric Bicycle

  • 🚴🏻‍♂️【Fast Delivery】Fat tire electric bikes are shipped from the continental United States, individually packaged, and delivered by hand. A separate electric vehicle installation tool is included in the package, which is convenient for you to complete independent installation. If you have any questions during installation and use, we can provide electric vehicle accessories assembly videos and some function demonstration videos, you just need to contact us.
  • 🚵‍♂️【Powerful Motor Power System】S8 electric bike is powered by a 750W high speed 1000W peak power motor, with this powerful motor, riding speed can reach 31MPH, providing enough power for your daily commute, mountain cruising, or winding along your favorite trails. You can easily handle most of the mountain trails you encounter.
  • 🚴‍♀️【3 Riding Modes】20*4 inches high-quality fat tires with anti-slip and strong grip, we can ride freely in the snow or on bad hills. And there are three riding modes: electric vehicle mode, electric pedal assist mode, and bicycle mode, which can meet our different riding needs. It is an atmospheric ordinary mountain bike when there is no electricity or no electricity.
  • 🚵‍♀️【LED Display and Auxiliary Governor】The LED display on the left side of the handlebar allows you to see the speed, battery life, and mileage information, allowing you to monitor the data more easily while riding, allowing you to ride with confidence. On the right side of the handlebar is a manual Shimano 7-speed shift adjustment controller, which can manually control the chain shifting during riding.
  • 🚴‍♂️【Removable Large Battery】This electric bike for adults is equipped with a 48V/15A durable lithium battery (for electric vehicles), which can be fully charged in just 6-7.5 hours. The battery snaps tightly into the bike frame for a better look and easily slides open for charging at home or in the office. The riding range is 60 km/38 miles in pure e-bike mode and 100 km/63 miles in assist-only bike mode. (The actual mileage is affected by factors such as the riding environment and weight.)
  • 🚴‍♀️【Perfect Design】E-bike display can be set to open and close passwords, removable battery with a battery lock to protect your motor and battery safety, the battery is also equipped with an independent switch on the USB charging port, you can charge your mobile phone, and other devices as an emergency power supply. The battery box is IP65 waterproof, rain or shine, to meet your daily riding and harsh mountain environment.
  • 🔥【High-Quality Electric Bicycle for Adults】The whole frame is made of light and high-hard material, electrostatic baking paint process, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 550 lbs. The front fork of the electric bicycle adopts a double shock absorber design, with a shock absorber seat, and the direction of the handlebar is adjustable, making riding more comfortable. High-brightness LED headlights, rear brake lights, and turn signals escort your pleasant journey.
  • 🔥【Easy to Install and Support】This electric mountain bike is 85% pre-assembled. Some simple parts are left for you to enjoy hands-on fun, very easy to install. If you have any questions about this electric bike, please feel free to contact us.
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Electric Bike S8 1000W Adult Electric Bicycle Electric Bike S8 1000W Adult Electric Bicycle

S8 Electric Bike, Electric Mountain Bike, Fat Tire Bike, Electric Snow Bike, City Electric Bike, Electric Beach Bike for Adults

Battery: 48V 15AH automotive grade lithium battery, sliding and detachable, BMS technology, battery lock, USB charging port.

Motor: 750W (peak value 1000W) high-speed brushless motor.

Brakes: Front and rear dual disc brakes, power-off disc brakes.

Shock Absorption: Spring Suspension Front Fork, Shock Absorption Cushion.

Shifting: Shimano 7-speed chain shifting, motor 5-speed shifting.

Headlights: LED headlights, integrated taillights, and turn signals.

Handlebar: LED display and motor control buttons, Shimano 7-speed controller.

Tires: 20*4 inch fat tires, explosion-proof, vacuum.

Vehicle information: high-hardness alloy steel frame, hard aluminum alloy wheels, load capacity of 500 lbs, electrostatic paint.

Electric Bike S8 1000W Adult Electric Bicycle

35-Speed Electric Bicycle, Giving you more Riding Options

5-Speed Motor Speed Change: The high-speed motor has a 5-speed speed change mode, which controls the maximum speed of the motor. The maximum speed per hour corresponding to 1 to 5 gears is 6.2MPH(10KM/H)/12.4MPH(20KM/H)/18.6MPH( 30KM/H)/24.8MPH(40KM/H)/31MPH(50KM/H), to ensure that in different environments, the riding speed is different, and the riding is safer.

Shimano 7 Speed Chain Speed Change: Shimano 7 Speed Gear Box is adopted, and there are 7 chain speed change methods. Through the speed change adjustment, you can find the most suitable and comfortable riding mode.

The S8 adult Ebike adopts 2 independent shifting modes, namely a 5-speed motor speed change and a 7-speed disc chain speed change. The two modes are independent of each other and can be matched flexibly. It can form 35 speed change modes, allowing more choices for riding, and the journey is more enjoyable.

35-Speed Electric Bicycle, Giving you more Riding Options

S8 Electric Bike, Ride Freely without Burden

S8 electric bicycle, high-speed brushless motor, strong power; detachable large-capacity battery, easy to carry, strong battery life; 3 riding modes, free choice, you can ride without power.

High-Speed Brushless Motor

This electric mountain bike is equipped with a 750W high-speed brushless motor, the maximum motor power is 1000W, high speed and quiet, smooth speed increase, strong power, and can climb 45-degree steep slopes, allowing you to easily cope with various terrains (mountains, steep slopes, snow land, plains, cities). The maximum speed can reach 31MPH (50KM/H), allowing you to ride freely.

Large-Capacity Battery

The S8 large-capacity electric bicycle uses a 48V 15AH automotive-grade lithium battery. The large-capacity battery ensures long battery life. The battery core is the same as that of an electric vehicle. High density is more durable and small in size. BMS technology is used to extend the battery life. The service life is longer, and the battery life is longer. Snap-on slide rail design, the battery can be removed and charged, which is very convenient. Small size and portable, the battery comes with a USB charging port, which can charge mobile phones and other devices outdoors. The battery also comes with a PI65 waterproof battery box and battery lock, making riding safer.

3 Riding Modes

The electric bicycle has 3 riding modes, including: electric vehicle mode, electric pedal assist mode, bicycle mode. In electric vehicle mode, it is driven entirely by electric motors, with a cruising range of up to 38 miles. In the electric pedal assist mode, the electric motor and the human pedal are driven together, reducing power consumption, and the cruising range can reach 63 miles. In bike mode, it’s a disc brake bike.

S8 Electric Bike, Ride Freely without Burden

S8 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle, Safe Travel, Accompany you to Conquer Every Different Terrain

The S8 adult electric bicycle adopts large tires and double disc brakes, which have high safety performance and protects the safety of your every trip.

Fat Tire Tlectric Bike

S8 uses 20*4″ fat tires with deep tire tread and a strong grip. The tires are wide and stable and can be suitable for different terrain environments. The tires are vacuum run-flat tires, so you can ride with more confidence.

Dual Disc Brakes

S8 electric bicycle adopts front and rear dual disc brakes and power-off disc brakes. The braking effect is good, the safety distance is short, and the precise disc brakes make riding safe.

S8 Fat Tire Electric Bicycle, Safe Travel, Accompany you to Conquer Every Different Terrain

Multifunctional Smart Dashboard

LED display, showing your speed, battery level, and driving distance. Large LED display allows easy reading of statistics. The button on the screen can set the power on and off the password, can adjust the motor gear, and when the motor gear is adjusted, the gear will also be displayed on the screen.

Dual Shock Absorber System

The S8 electric bicycle adopts a spring suspension front fork and shock-absorbing seat cushion to absorb more shock and vibration from the frame, making riding more comfortable. The double shock absorber system can better relieve the riding pressure, make the ride more stable, and the riding experience is better.

LED Lighting System

— Integrated Tail Lights

The tail light of this adult electric bicycle adopts an integrated design, which makes the turn signal and tail light a whole, which not only protects your riding safety but also facilitates others to understand your driving direction.

— Atmospheric LED Headlights

The round Led headlights are very bright, allowing riders to stay safe and find their way when riding on busy roads at night.

Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur

There is a manual speed controller on the right side of the handlebar of the electric bicycle, which can control the Shimano 7-speed shift adjustment, which is very convenient.

Multifunctional Smart Dashboard

Q1: Will I be the right height/weight for this bike?

A1: The S8 electric bike has a recommended rider height of 5.25″ ~ 6.35″ and a maximum payload of 500 lbs.

Q2: What is the battery capacity and how is it calculated?

A2: The battery capacity of the S8 electric bicycle is 720Wh. Battery capacity calculation formula: Wh=V*Ah. 720Wh=48V*15Ah. The larger the Wh value, the longer the distance can be ridden.

Q3: How is the battery removed?

A3: The battery of the S8 electric bicycle is installed on the frame according to the slide rail, and the disassembly is also the slide rail removal, which is very easy.

Q4: What are the advantages of fat tires in all-terrain conditions?

A4: 20*4″ S8 FAT TIRE is easy to ride on the beach, mountain, snow, mud, forest, town, city, etc. Greater grip, more stable, to ensure your riding safety.

  • Thom Dodd

    I've got over 130 miles on this bike and have a LOT to say about it. This is a great deal if you're someone who rides rail-trails, gravel roads, smooth surface single tracks, or groomed snowmobile trails. It can be a workout depending on what level of assist that you use. 0 is no assist and 5 is full assist. There is also a thumb throttle so if your assist level is set too low, you can give the bike a little boost. I have used the bike on rough single tracks and think that it is unsuited. If you are going uphill on rough terrain, you will need to use an assist level that makes you go too fast. The cons of the bike are its weight and that you'll need to buy a really heavy duty bike rack. It weighs about 70# with battery and 60# without. It's too heavy to peddle unassisted up a grade. Rail-trail mileage is about 40 miles. The photo I've included is after 31 miles of rail-trail and you can see that I was showing 60%. But the rate of discharge is not linear and it would be close to 30% after 40 miles. I've done some single track riding in hills and guess that the mileage is no more than 25 miles. Gravel roads would be 30. But that's plenty of miles for me! (Never, ever get below 10% or you'll ruin the battery.) I am anxious to learn what the impact of cold weather will have on the battery. A really good quality and lighter eBike would be over $5,000. This is a great price for a eBike.

    S8 Fat Tire Ebike
    Electric Bike S8 1000W Adult Electric Bicycle 48V 15Ah Removable Battery, 20 inch Fat Tire Ebike
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  • Mark Simmons

    I bought my eBike a little over 6 months ago. I've been riding it almost every day. At first, I didn't realize how good the quality was for this bike, but when I started comparing to everybody else I see on the bike paths, I realized what a nice bike I had bought. I had knee surgery several times in my 20's and since have not been able to ride a normal bicycle. With my eBike, when I feel my knee is starting to hurt, I just let the eBike do most of the work to get back home. Always with a normal bike, I would end up in pain and then quit riding. This hasn't happened to me with my eBike. Before summer came, I was riding my eBike from my house to the lake to go fishing almost every day. I threw a little pole and some crappie jigs in a backpack and can easily get down and back in an hour with about about 20 minutes of fishing. It feels like real freedom to finally get out and get some fresh air and sunshine. It's not only helped my physical health, but I think mentally is has helped me too. I really enjoy getting outside every day now. Sometimes, I just blow right by those guys on expensive non-electric bicycles. I love it. One feature I didn't see on the Amazon page that I like most about this bike is a setting that allows it to change the help level automatically. At first, I tried using level 5 because I like to get to the lake and back, but on level 5, it pushes you too hard when you are trying to do something simple like do a u-turn. After I found the auto-help setting that goes from 1 to 5 depending on how hard I pedal, I was really happy. With it turned on, it helps just a little when you are going slow, and when you want to pedal very fast, it helps as much as possible. It's really great. I can't really say anything but great things about this bike. It's a wonderful bike, and I feel the quality is really great. I would like to recommend that people buy a helmet, a side mirror, and a red flashing light for the rear of the bike. These do not come with it. These are the things I found that were "must-buy accessories". When you get going 30mph on an ebike, you realize very quickly that you need a helmet. 25+mph feels a lot faster on an ebike than on a motorcycle. When you are going 25mph or more, you'll find right away that a mirror is necessary also, so you can keep your eyes on the road ahead. The bike comes with an excellent headlamp, but I bought a flashing led lamp that attaches to the pole of my seat, so people can see me better at night from behind. I ride my bike day and night, and the extra led on the back makes me feel a little safer.

    S8 Fat Tire Ebike
    Electric Bike S8 1000W Adult Electric Bicycle 48V 15Ah Removable Battery, 20 inch Fat Tire Ebike
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