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I do not get any notifications on my phone. Can you help me?

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If you are not receiving push notifications, you can check if all settings are enabled on both your phone and in the APP.

Please follow these steps to enable all settings on your phone.

For iPhone: settings – app notifications – NIU Scooter : mark all

For Android: need to add the app to “Autostart list” and enable notifications.

Please follow these steps to enable all settings in the APP.

1/ Go to the tab ‘Me’

2/ Go to ‘Settings’ in the upper left corner

3/ Go to ‘Push Settings’

4/ Enable ‘Receive Push Messages’

If you still don’t get any push notifications with all settings enabled, please send us an email at

Thank you for including your scooter details (SN and frame number) and a screenshot of the settings page and the notifications page.

See video attached.


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