The 20 inch Fat Tire Ebike is now in stock in the US warehouse, and you can receive it within 3~5 days of purchase. Available to US buyers only!

How to track my package?

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How to track my package?

Tracking Information Usually within 1-2 working days after shipment, NIU will send you a tracking number and a link to the tracking page within your order. You can view tracking information on the Logistics page. Here are the operating instructions:

1. Log in and visit My Orders.

2. Click the link on the tracking page and enter your tracking number.

3. If you want to view the complete logistics information, please click “Order Details”.

4. For more details, please click “View Details”.

Reminder: If the tracking information on the order page has not been updated within 5 working days, you can visit the logistics tracking page link to track the package or contact us for more information.

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