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Can different accounts be connected to the same scooter?

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One scooter can have up to 5 accounts linked to it. The first account to connect with the scooter, will automatically be set to Owner account. All other accounts are ordinary accounts.

What is the Owner account?
The owner account is the first account to be bound to the scooter.

This account has the right to control the scooter permissions.

What is the Ordinary account?
The ordinary account is any account linked to a scooter that already has an owner account. This account has no permission to change any of the scooter settings in the APP.

How to?
Owner account: if you’re the first to bind your scooter to the app, you are automatically set as owner account and there’s

nothing else you need to do.
Ordinary account: bind the scooter in your app scanning the scooter QR code or adding it manually. You’ll receive a notification saying that the owner of the vehicle needs to approve your binding request.
The owner account will receive the binding request in the APP. After approving it, the ordinary account can consult the

scooter details in the APP.

The owner account can change the binding settings to:
– Allow: no need to verify any new binding requests
– To verify: verify any new binding requests
– Not Allow: not possible to bind any other accounts

The owner account can enable/disable the ordinary account permissions:
– Allow to view history
– Allow to view ride statistics

The owner account can unbind the ordinary account.
When the owner account unbinds the scooter, all linked accounts will be removed.




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